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Aesthetic Design for Ecological Landscapes with Jamie Wallace
LIVE 2024

Dive into the intersection of beauty and ecology in landscape design, emphasizing aesthetic principles that harmonize well-being with nature across diverse settings.

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A landscape has to be BEAUTIFUL!

Be it habitat restoration, food production, homestead, permaculture, regenerative agriculture or an urban yard, if a landscape is BEAUTIFUL it will be attended to.

Join the principal of award-winning JAAN Designs to learn how to integrate beautiful design in any ecological landscape!

This workshop of 6 sessions is designed for ecological landscape professionals and permaculture designers of various levels. We'll explore integrating aesthetic design principles with ecological considerations in landscape design. We delve into the importance of aesthetics in permaculture and regenerative design, demonstrating how beauty and functionality coexist harmoniously with nature.

Aesthetics is not just about visual appeal but also about creating spaces that stimulate all the senses, evoke emotions, and promote well-being while contributing positively to the environment.
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Learn how:

 to weave the age-old tales of historical aesthetics into modern landscapes for timeless beauty!

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Who is this workshop for?

This workshop welcomes ecological landscape professionals, permaculture designers at all levels, and anyone fascinated by the artistry of aesthetics and ecology in landscape design.

Aesthetic Enthusiasts:

  • Individuals keen on integrating beauty in landscape designs, from plantings to rain gardens.
  • Lovers of historical landscape themes and styles.

Water Feature Aficionados:
  • Those intrigued by the aesthetic role of water in landscapes, from rain gardens to swales.
  • Aspiring designers of rainwater harvesting structures.

Designers Focused on Movement:
  • Individuals aiming to design efficient pathways and access points in landscapes.
  • Those curious about the impact of material choices on aesthetic and functionality.

Plant and Soil Lovers:
  • Gardeners keen on optimizing soil for plant aesthetics.
  • Enthusiasts interested in plant structure, texture harmony, and color blending.

Detail-oriented Designers:
  • Those aiming to refine planting plans and hardscape elements.
  • Designers seeking to integrate diverse plant textures.

Aspiring Landscape Designers:
  • Individuals eager to showcase their design projects.
  • Students seeking feedback and aiming to reflect on their design journey.

Permaculture Landscape Designers:
  • Individuals eager to develop their permaculture design skills with aesthetic design.

NOTE - No previous knowledge of aesthetic design is required for this workshop.
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Learn how to masterfully design pathways and access points that serve both beauty and practicality in your landscapes.

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Course Sessions and Content

Course Logistics

2024 Session Schedule

Class 1 - February 1 - The Role of Aesthetics Within Our Landscapes
Class 2 - February 8 - The All-Important Water Layer
Class 3 - February 15  - Access: How We Move Through the Landscape 
Class 4 - February 22  - Soil: The Icing on the Cake
Class 5 -February 29 - Details: Planting plan and details for any hardscape elements
Class 6 - March 7 - Student Designs and Case Study


Thursdays at 5pm PT, 6pm MT, 7pm CT, 8pm ET

60 Minutes of Presentation 
20 Minutes of Student Group Discussion
30 Minutes of Q&A


This LIVE series will be conducted ONLINE in the comfort of your own home via Zoom video conference software. 

All sessions are recorded and available with 48hrs.

Live Support

Each class will be a tailored presentation, walking you step by step through design and implementation.


You'll have lifetime access to all course content after the series completes. 


A community of peers who are on the same journey as you, to interact with and learn from.



EARLY BIRD - $249 USD - Available through January 21 2024

NOTE - Payment plans are available for an additional 15% fee.
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Additional Course Elements

Student Design Exercise

Throughout the course, participants will work on their own design presentations. They will receive a property base plan template, either urban or acreage, and after each session, they will add to this template based on the session's content.
Practical exercises will include plant layout grouping and approaches to both urban and larger properties. The workshop will emphasize unity, the use of color and texture found in plants and landscape materials, designing with the whole year in mind, and the importance of foliage.

At the end of the course, participants will be asked to fill in a questionnaire to provide feedback on their learning experience. The ultimate goal of the workshop is to equip participants with the tools and knowledge needed to incorporate aesthetic design elements into their ecological designs and installations.

Student Design Presentation

There will be a limited number of Student Design Presentation opportunities for students to present their designs through a pre-recorded video presentation. Jamie will provide recorded video feedback for these designs. 

Student Design Presentation

Each session you'll have between 15-20 minute small group discussion time with your fellow classmates to share details about your project sites and discuss the class materials. 
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Timing doesn't work for you? Don't worry, each session is recorded and you have lifetime access!

Who is the course a good fit for?

This course may be for you if you are:
  • passionate about blending beauty in landscape designs and appreciating historical themes;
  • looking to increase your skill in designing beautiful landscapes;
  • ready to learn;
  • aiming for precision in planting plans, hardscape integration, and seeking feedback on their design journey;
  • realistic in your expectations, or willing to have your expectations of what's possible challenged.
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Who is this course NOT a good fit for?

This course may not be for you if you:
  • have no time, you're enrolled in 50 online courses this year and this will be but another course that you don't attend;
  • think aesthetic design is a cool idea, but have no desire to build your skill or capacity to design and implement these essential elements;
  • have no design experience what so ever or would need to basics of landscape design explained.
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Learn from Instructors who can save you hundreds of hours of mistakes

"We all learn from mistakes, they just don't have to be our own."

Meet the instructor

Jamie Wallace

Jamie is co-owner of JAAN Designs, a regenerative landscape design and construction company on Vancouver Island. Jamie has been working in the landscape industry for over 38 years since starting his career with the Vancouver Parks board. Jamie completed a four-year apprenticeship, providing him with a wide variety of experience in places like Queen Elizabeth Park, Stanley Park, The Bloedel Conservatory, and Van Dusen Gardens. Following a keen interest in plants and their cultivation, Jamie secured a position in England working at Windsor Great Park for the Crown commission. While working in England, Jamie was privileged to visit Bhutan on a plant and bird trek. This trip inspired him to learn more about how these Himalayan plants thrive in this incredible environment.

In 1996 with a healthy plant knowledge base, Jamie and Angela moved to Lantzville on Vancouver Island where they started a landscape design and construction firm. The BC Landscape and Nursery Assoc., Canadian Nursery and Landscape Assoc., along with the Canadian Home Builders Assoc. of BC recognized their company for the unique and high-quality landscapes that they created.
Jamie’s current focus has been on regenerative or permaculture projects with a strong emphasis on aesthetics, water harvesting, soil biology and soil creation. Jamie has also been working with Oregon State University’s online Permaculture Design Certificate and Advanced Permaculture Design for Climate Resilience program as an instructor and recently worked with the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District on their Agriculture water use program, a topic close to his heart.
Patrick Jones - Course author
Patrick Jones - Course author
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Patrick Jones - Course author
Meet the Host

Javan K. Bernakevitch

Javan Bernakevitch is a life and land designer, who speaks, writes, teaches and consults with clients, businesses and farms worldwide through All Points Design and 

He believes that if we don't design our lives, they'll be designed for us, and not for our benefit. He says, “If humans want to have a long life here on our planet, we best act like we are part of the ecology.” He works to ensure that his clients' lives and landscapes get better every year.

Integrating Keyline Design, Holistic Management, Permaculture, the Soil Food Web, Myco-Integration, Project Management and Business implementation, he understands and emphasizes the importance of balancing biological systems - soil, water-harvesting, landscape rehydration, composting, growing food and biological waste-water treatment - with financial viability. A career focus on regenerative retrofits has taken him across North and Central America, Europe and Africa.

Our students love 

Jamie, you’ve surpassed my expectations as an instructor and I appreciate all of your time invested in seeing that I succeed and took most out of this class as possible
You offered a lot of great resources, insights, and a unique perspective and I am really grateful for you time and help. I really enjoyed the class!
This has truly been a wonderful experience. I have learned so much from you Jamie. Y'all are truly inspiring and I wish you the very best taking your work out into the world in new ways. 
Shout out to Mr. Wallace for being an amazing instructor.  It’s so much fun working alongside a group of people uplifting people and the planet.
Jamie, thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge and helping guide us through a complex subject.
Thank you Jaime for helping me get closer to achieving my goal of eventually designing eco friendly spaces for others.
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Learn how to:

optimize soil to curate a vivid tapestry of colors, structures, and textures with your plantings.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need any experience to take this course?

If you have no design experience what so ever or you would need to basics of design explained this course is not for you. No previous knowledge of aesthetic design is required for this workshop. 

Can I message you with questions?

We have a community section in our course where you can ask questions lesson by lesson or on a topic. 

Will have lifetime access to the course material?

YES! You'll have lifetime access to the course. 

Is the course refundable?

The course is non-refundable.

Can my spouse, partner, friend, dog look over my shoulder while I take the course?

Yes! Your registration allows for one "over the shoulder" viewing of the course. We ask you not to share your login information with anyone else. 
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Discover how to weave beauty into every ecological landscape design.

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