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Eat Well -
An Introduction

Everyone eats, every day, BUT are we doing it in such a way to really EAT WELL? Join Chef Seth D for an introduction on how to not only eat well, but cook regeneratively.
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Why does EAT WELL exist?

We all eat every day.

Regardless of who we are, where we come from, or where we live.
And while you don’t have to grow, harvest, process, prepare, ferment, and cook everything you eat from scratch, we all need to eat.

Let’s eat well.
Because, we are what we eat, more literally than we realize.
Eating well is the most fundamental form of self care.

Understanding how to eat well, learning about food and cooking, are the liberators that free you from dependence on a system of instant food gratification - one that prides itself on getting you to eat, but does little (or sometimes nothing) to actually nourish you. 

Eating well brings us physical wellbeing and mental clarity, not just in the long run, but every day.
Cooking is a graceful combination of science and art, held together by poetry. 
Cooking is a complex language, with infinite variety.

Yet with simple tools, an understanding of cooking techniques, knowledge about ingredients, and, most importantly, learning to taste food as you cook it, absolutely anyone can become a better cook and eat well.

You might be wondering

How can I EAT WELL?

How can I better prepare my food?

What really is the right  balance between fat, salt and acid?

What are the best ways to cook meats and/or proteins? 

How can I plan delicious meals?

What's the value in knowing how to prepare food well?

If you're reading this, chances are you;


to eat food that is nutritious, safe, and that tastes AMAZING.


about the price of food, and what it will mean for your family’s diet and health.


the importance of good food prepared with intention that nourishes the body.


to learn and grow in your ability to source and prepare amazing meals.

But, maybe you also struggle with:


Having time to develop the skills necessary to be more involved in growing your own food.


Knowing how to grow enough, but not too much, of the foods your family will actually eat.

A Short Season

The Northern Hemisphere growing season is short; how on earth can a year's food supply be grown?

No Waste!

What the heck do you do with all that food you could, or do, grow? The last thing you want is to cause more waste.

Are you ready to join a group of like- minded people and EAT WELL this year?

Who is the course a good fit for?

  • Anybody who eats!
  • Anybody who likes cooking and wants to get better, or even get started learning to cook well, and eat well;
  • Anybody who sometimes feels frustrated about: knowing how to cook something, or even simply what to cook;
  • Home Cooks with a little or a lot of knowledge who want to dive deeper, in community, and learn together;
  • Homesteaders wanting to gain a solid understanding of cooking and preservation for either home economy or even sale of value added products;
  • Holistic Preppers;
  • Permaculture Practitioners;
  • Beginning-Intermediate Cooks ;
  • Good Cooks (Review of the basics from a high level);
  • Anyone who wants to understand their food better, to know what to eat, and why, and when, even if they “don’t cook”;
  • Anyone ready to explore the world of food and cooking with “the curiosity of a child” - with an Open Heart & Bright Eyes.

Who is this course NOT a good fit for?

  • You have no time, you're enrolled in 50 online courses this year and this will be but another one that you don't attend;
  • Those who often come to workshops with a "Closed" Mindset - unwilling to learn anything new from a different perspective; 
  • Those who are looking for the "right way to cook". There's no "right way", just the way that works for you; 
  • Those that are happy with their boxed Mac and cheese and have no interest or time to learn how to better nourish themselves. 
Don't hesitate

Learn how to Eat Well this year!

Nuts and Bolts

Learn about the logistics of this course.

Class Schedule

Saturday April 9th 2022 10am - 12pm PT

Presentation 90 minutes 
Q&A 30 minutes

Total: 120 minutes / 2 hrs

Hands-On Exercise

Get your hands into your food during this introductory workshop. 

Chef Seth will be guiding participants on how to make a salad dressing, a simple exercise to master an essential skill - balancing fat, salt and acid!


Course Overview

Eat Well Introduction
  • What the Eat Well series are all about.
  • What a year of Eating Well looks like.

Part 1 : Flavor is First - FLAVOR & TASTING
  • Learning to taste is any chef’s most critical skill.
  • Taste is First and Foremost - Making Brilliant Salad Dressings & Flavor Packed Condiments that really satisfy heart, mind, body, and soul.
  • Skill - Knife Skills Intro & Safety. How to use, maintain, and buy a knife.
  • Exercise - Local, Seasonal Salads, Dressings, and Salad Secrets. (You'll be sent a list of ingredients and tools to participate alongside the instructor).
  • Getting the right balance of Salt, Acid, and Oil.

Part 2 : Traditional Cooking - FLAVOR & TECHNIQUE
  • What I learned from an Italian Grandma vs being a Professional Chef 
  • Chef’s Overview of Meat & Veggie Cooking Techniques.
  • Fast vs. slow cooking methods, and wet vs. dry cooking techniques.
  • Grandma’s Cooking Demo : Italian Beef Ragu & Building flavors at each stage of cooking from the salting and sautéing, to the deglazing and braising.

  • Nutrition and flavor go hand in hand if we know how to trust our gut.
  • Traditional Cooking Wisdom & Why we used to eat better. Flavor, Nutrition, & Weston A. Price
  • Seasonal Preservation Highlight: Learn about the difference between Quick Ferments vs Vinegar Pickles and go over some seasonal recipes for both.
  • Simple Seasonal Menu Planning & Putting It All Together. My Top Cookbooks List.
Learn from Instructors who can save you hundreds of hours of mistakes

"We all learn from mistakes, they just don't have to be our own."

Meet the instructor

Chef Seth Peterson

Seth Peterson is a cook and a second generation urban farmer, who grew up among chickens and mulch piles in Berkeley. He went on to gain his wealth of knowledge and culinary experience living, working and cooking in the U.S., Mexico & Brazil over the last 30 years.

Upon returning home to Berkeley, California to take over his mother's urban organic garden, he came across permaculture, which gave him a systems perspective to regenerate our neighborhoods, our society and our culture, and to do so at the dinner table. To do so through one of our most treasured cultural activities, through growing, cooking and eating food.

From soil to soul, he combines his twin passions, cooking and teaching, by cooking in community and re-skilling people, connecting them to great local farms and ranches. Seth teaches and consults both nationally and internationally, as he delves deeper and deeper into this endless endeavor… building local communities around local food.
Patrick Jones - Course author
Patrick Jones - Course author
Meet the HOST

Javan K. Bernakevitch

Javan K. Bernakevitch is passionate about helping people create more abundant, diverse and profitable landscapes and lives that get better year after year. An educator and designer for clients, community events, non-profit groups, university students and businesses, Javan inspires and empowers audiences with a passion for change.

Integrating Keyline Design, Holistic Management, Permaculture, the Soil Food Web, Myco-Integration, Project Management and Business implementation, he understands and emphasizes the importance of balancing biological systems - soil, water-harvesting, landscape rehydration, composting, growing food and biological waste-water treatment - with financial viability. A career focus on regenerative retrofits of broad acre and small scale landscapes to re-establish working watersheds, ecosystems, productive landscapes and enterprises has taken him across North and Central America, Europe and Africa.

The originator of All Points Life Design, he has pioneered new ways for clients to identify their values and bring regenerative enterprises and productive landscapes to their lives.

He operates Permaculture BC, an education and community hub for permaculture in British Columbia, and All Points Land Design, focusing on land design and installation. He has worked with the University of British Columbia, University of Victoria, Vancouver Island University and Simon Fraser University.

Our students love us

Seth is a masterful teacher and an amazing online instructor!
Charlene USHER
I like being able to watch / go through the material before the course and then have that fleshed out in the live class. The live class is especially good for me in terms of motivation. 
Dianne Russell
Seth is one of the best and most holistic chefs I know, every time I learn from him I'm amazed at his breadth and depth of knowledge. 
Javan K Bernakevitch

Course reviews

Seth's workshops are always the highlight of my month. The experience and connection he brings to cooking brings me closer to my food than I ever thought possible.

The joy and the techniques he taught me made cooking into a passion instead of a chore, and it showed me that food is one of the core ways we can create community and friends where we live.
 Along with a new enjoyment of cooking Seth showed me how to be more efficient, effective, and competent in the kitchen, along with showing me the art of preservation. This ended up saving me a ton of food and allowed me to create amazing ferments.

I wish everyone join Seth's workshops because it would bring us all closer to our food, and help us restore our communities in the process.
Raleigh Latham
Film Maker, Living Soil Consultant, Internet Marketer
I took the "Smoked Meats" class with Seth, it was exciting, hands on and really informative! I came into the class thinking that I had a good grasp on the meat game, but was shown that there is always more to know about sourcing, storing, preparing, cooking, resting and eating different meats. I have no doubt all his classes are as informative as the Smoked Meats Class. Seth is a true gastronome who has vast knowledge in horticulture, food sourcing, sustainability, butchery and nutrition.  
Markus B. Willoughby, Esq.
Trial Lawyer

Frequently asked questions

Do I need cooking experience to be in the course?

Absolutely not! No previous experience is necessary!

Is this a hands-on course?

Yes! We'll be cooking together during the LIVE session. And ingredients and supply list will be sent out before the course so you can prepare for the "cooking together, apart" portion of the session.

Will the live session be recorded?

Yes! And you'll have access to the recorded session within 48 hours of the LIVE session.

Will I have lifetime access to the course material?

YES! You'll have lifetime access to the course. 

Can my partner or family member take the course with me?

Yes! Every workshop registration can have one "over the shoulder" household member participate in the course.
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  • Join this course to take charge of your food security and food awareness.

Cooking together, eating together, learning together.

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