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Designing and Implementing
Multi-Functional Hedgerows LIVE 2024

Hedgerows are the unsung heroes of farms, homesteads and ecological landscapes. Learn how to assess, design and implement these essential landscape design elements.

The recorded replay of this course will be available in June 2024 with all of the resources and worksheets.
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Why hedgerows?

A multi-functional hedge is a beautiful, functional and biologically diverse component of rural and/or urban landscapes. These multi-tiered assemblages of trees, shrubs, ground covers, vines, grasses, flowers and herbs can border fields, waterways or city lots.

During this workshop you will learn how to design, implement and maintain any size hedge with the options to provide soil stabilization, windbreaks, privacy screening, shelter and food for wildlife and people, encourage beneficial insects, reduce noise and other pollutants, as well as identify ways to diversify your income. 

The concepts of soil preparation, plant selection, planting techniques, irrigation, and ways to reduce maintenance will be discussed. Budgets, timelines and a host of resources will be offered as well as case studies and examples.
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Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for homeowners, homesteaders, farmers, land designers, ranchers, gardeners, land managers and property owners that are:

- wanting to include more biodiversity in the land they manage.
- concerned about creating wildlife/pollinator habitat; 
- concerned about wind and its effects around their property; 
- experiencing privacy issues
NOTE - No previous knowledge of hedgerows and gardening is required to attend this workshop.

Learn how to design and implement multi-functional hedgerows!

Course Sessions and Content

Course Logistics

2024 Session Schedule

Class 1 - April 10 - Introduction
Class 2 - April 17 - History & Design Principles
Class 3 - April 24 - Site Selection 
Class 4 - May 1 - Functional Benefits
Class 5 - May 8 - Plant Selection & Biodiversity
Class 6 - May 15 - Design & Establishment


Wednesdays 5pm PT, 6pm MT, 7pm CT, 8pm ET 

60 Minutes of Presentation 
20 Minutes of Small Group Discussion
30 Minutes of Q&A 

Allow for 5 hour per week to work on module assignments if you want to complete the assignments. 


Online and accessible from anywhere in the world via Zoom Video Conference Software. All classes are recorded and participants have lifetime access.


Learn the who, what, where, when and why of hedgerows.



EARLY BIRD PRICING until April 1 20204 - $249 USD
NOTE - Payment plans are available for an additional 15% fee.

Live Support

Each class will be a tailored presentation, walking you step by step through design and implementation.

Tools and Resources

There are over 60 hedgerows specific resources within the course. 


A community of peers who are on the same journey as you, to interact with and learn from.
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Timing doesn't work for you? Don't worry, each session is recorded and you have lifetime access!

Who is the course a good fit for?

This course may be of use to you if you are:
  • a Whole system and critical thinker;
  • interested in learning how to read landscapes better; 
  • ready to learn;
  • excited to dive into the world of hedgerows;
  • realistic in your expectations, or willing to have your expectations of what's possible challenged.

Who is this course NOT a good fit for?

  • You have no time, you're enrolled in 50 online courses this year and this will be but another course that you don't attend.
  • Those who think hedgerows are a cool idea, but have no desire to build your skill or capacity to design and implement these essential landscape elements.
  • Anyone who thinks hedgerows are the be-all and end-all of an ecologically functioning landscape. Hedgerows are a part of a functioning ecology.
Learn from Instructors who can save you hundreds of hours of mistakes

"We all learn from mistakes, they just don't have to be our own."

Meet the instructorS

Jude Hobbs

Jude Hobbs is an internationally recognized permaculturist with 35 years’ experience in the design and teaching fields. Through her business, Agro-Ecology Northwest, she utilizes whole-system design in urban and rural settings to co-create environmentally sound solutions that inspire sustainable actions.

Jude specializes in optimizing resource conservation, biodiversity, watershed enhancement and income diversification.

She is the co-author of the OSU Publication, A Guide to Hedgerows: Plantings That Enhance Biodiversity, Sustainability and Functionality. (EM8721) As an educator, she provides curricula developed to encompass diverse teaching techniques that are accessible, inspiring and information rich.
Jude co-tends Wilson Creek Gardens a 7-acre Permaculture demonstration site in Cottage Grove, Oregon.
Patrick Jones - Course author
Patrick Jones - Course author
Meet the Host

Javan K. Bernakevitch

Javan K. Bernakevitch is passionate about helping people create more abundant, diverse and profitable landscapes and lives that get better year after year. An educator and designer for clients, community events, non-profit groups, university students and businesses, Javan inspires and empowers audiences with a passion for change.

Integrating Keyline Design, Holistic Management, Permaculture, the Soil Food Web, Myco-Integration, Project Management and Business implementation, he understands and emphasizes the importance of balancing biological systems - soil, water-harvesting, landscape rehydration, composting, growing food and biological waste-water treatment - with financial viability. A career focus on regenerative retrofits of broad acre and small scale landscapes to re-establish working watersheds, ecosystems, productive landscapes and enterprises has taken him across North and Central America, Europe and Africa.

The originator of All Points Life Design, he has pioneered new ways for clients to identify their values and bring regenerative enterprises and productive landscapes to their lives.

He operates Permaculture BC, an education and community hub for permaculture in British Columbia, and All Points Land Design, focusing on land design and installation. He has worked with the University of British Columbia, University of Victoria, Vancouver Island University and Simon Fraser University. Recent partnerships include working with the Cowichan Green Community, Seven Ravens Permaculture Academy, Galliano Conversation Association and Healthy Homes.

Our students love us

I feel deep gratitude and appreciation for Jude’s leadership, genuine caring, and vast knowledge base. It’s rare to witness such expertise, dedication, and mindfulness all in one person who so smoothly can transmit so much learning. Clearly, Jude sets a gold standard.
A memorable experience packed with practical information and endless possibilities.
Jude is an incredible facilitator and educator. I would highly recommend any of her courses - she has a wealth of knowledge, with vast amounts of applied experience in her field. She is a brilliant and caring human, and I'm grateful that she is on the frontlines of earth-care work! 
Hannah Roessler
Jude's deep knowledge and experience with hedgerows is an incredible gift. She brings together a very engaging approach to classroom learning with lots of group discussion and hands-on learning on the land. I came away feeling empowered and inspired. 
KAT Zimmer
 Jude teaches in a professional, ethical and thorough way. She uses all of the tools in her arsenal and her commitment to her students is proof of her passion.
Jessicka N
Jude brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the room and imparts it with style and grace. 

Frequently asked questions

Do I need any experience to take this course?

Absolutely not! No previous experience is necessary!

Can I message you with questions?

We have a community section in our course where you can ask questions lesson by lesson or on a topic. 

Will have lifetime access to the course material?

YES! You'll have lifetime access to the course. 

Is the course refundable?

The course is non-refundable.
Don't hesitate

Learn how to design and implement hedgerows. 

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